Letter from the Office of Canada's Gospel Music Celebration

After patient prayerful consideration, the CGMC board of directors have made the following difficult decisions. The Collingsworth Family Spring “Mercy & Love Tour 2022” will be cancelled.

Canada’s Gospel Music Celebration held in Red Deer, July 2022 will also be cancelled due to the continuing restrictions related to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Travel between Canada and the United States has become difficult by restrictions that everyone may not agree with. We are not the judge of anyone’s personal rights, but the outcome of the Canada’s Gospel Music Celebration events is directly impacted.

Where do we go from here?

For the past 14 years we have continued to bring a first class, spirit filled experience to Canada. We struggled with exchange rates of 33% over the last 3-4 years. Our American artists are paid in US funds. Raising costs meant we had to subsidize these events. We appreciate your prayers and patience while we work through this time. Your support and consideration is vital.

Two Options

If you purchased advance tickets, we ask you to consider these options.

  1. DONATE your ticket cost to the CGMC RECOVERY FUND (Please indicate your intention to donate, along with ticket number(s) to the ticket seller or store). Your help would be so very much appreciated!
  2. MAIL or RETURN your ticket to where you purchased it, providing physical ticket with request for refund. If a refund is requested - physical ticket is required.
    • Service charges will be deducted if applicable
    • The above offer will expire February 28, 2022
    • P.O. Box 610, Chilliwack B.C. V2P 7V5
    • We will address your response as we are able

Postponing of CGMC events has been out of our control. Our prayerful intentions are heart felt as we all were very hopeful that our lives would return to normal as we shared the common goal to worship together.

CGMC Board of Directors